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I had very creative Saturday. I’ve finished two little projects and stared a new one. I have a problem whit my patience in sewing. When something is difficult for me, I often stop or change the project. I make it easy. This is not the best way of improving my sewing skills. So I’ve decided that I must push myself.  The task is working with one simple pattern as long as the effect  will be ideal. That is mean 4-5 new blouses! I am so happy!

I’ve chosen an easy Burda pattern #106 from the last issue (4/2013). I think I try also patters #107 and #108, because these two are variations on #106.  

So now is the moment for presenting my test blouse. Firstly about the fabric. I’ve used pure cotton, which I founded some years ago in our apartment (It is full of old things: fabrics, stamps, bottoms, laces, badges etc. ) and have coloured myself. It isn’t very pretty, so I was not afraid to destroy it.
I’ve changed one thing in the pattern, I’ve made it shorter. It is better for my figure. 

It looks like a surgical uniform, don’t you think? So what? I love Grey’s Anatomy! I’ve used little beads for making it more happy…


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