Saturday, 6 April 2013

lokking for the sun

Depression, melancholy, sadness. Where is Spring? My sweet Spring with green little leafs, colourful dresses and happy people. Warsaw is so sad now. And no one even thinks about smiling. From Easter  there wasn’t one sunny hour. We live in the state of dirty snow and wet boots. My frustration is so big, that I think all the time about leaving Poland and start my new, better life somewhere where weather is more generous. Maybe I try working with bananas on Martinique.
Guy Martin always cheer me up. I recommend to you his amazing cooking journey. 

For now, I have only my new colourful dress. Second products from mylittle challenge

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  1. Thank for your comment in my blog. You have cute sewing projects on your blog. I hope all the snow is leaving Warsaw and you can enjoy the sun shining :-)


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