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from Italy with love

I am back! I've had wonderful time in Sant Agostino, a little village between Sperlonga and Gaeta. It is almost in half way from Rome to Naples, on the western coast. In the summer that place must be a nightmare,crowded and hot like hell. But after full season beaches are empty and the weather can be really generous for people from the cold East. For two weeks we've had only one cloudy day (and any rainy !!!). I must say that we were a little disappointed because our first goal during this trip was climbing and we expected worst weather ;) We climbed in the morning and in the evening. The middle of the day we spent on the beach. 

We filled so good beginning every day under the big lemon tree, drinking strong Italian coffee, eating sandwiches with rucola, watching all cats of St. Agustiono, filling sun of our faces, smelling strong aroma of flower. It was so simple and lazy. I hope we will back there soon... for now we have some photo memories.

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